‘Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London’

Beaumont shines a light on the shadowy perambulations of poets, novelists and thinkers: Chaucer and Shakespeare; William Blake and his ecstatic peregrinations and the feverish ramblings of opium addict Thomas De Quincey; and, among the lamp-lit literary throng, the supreme nightwalker Charles Dickens. We discover how the nocturnal city has inspired some and served as a balm or narcotic to others. In each case, the city is revealed as a place divided between work and pleasure, the affluent and the indigent, where the entitled and the desperate jostle in the streets.

Matthew Beaumont propone en Nightwalking un paseo nocturno por Londres de la mano de, entre otros muchos autores, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Blake, De Quincey y, por supuesto, Dickens. Nosotros ya lo hemos añadido a nuestra lista de deseos. Aquí una reseña en The Independent, por si queréis saber más.

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